Mole scanning makes use of a highly specialised camera to take photographs or “scan” a mole or freckle. The image captured of the mole is stored electronically. The image is multilayered so that the colour, depth, diameter, density and vascularity can be viewed individually, which is vital for an accurate diagnosis. From these images it is possible for Dr Huskisson to see which lesions are “safe” and which need to be removed or treated.

  • What is a mole scan?

  • Who would benefit from having their moles scanned?

  • What is the next step once my moles have been scanned?

  • The mole is burnt off (cauterised)
  • The mole is cut out (excision)
  • An acid (ALA) is put on the mole for a few hours, then lasered away (PDT)
  • Does medical aid cover this treatment?


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